With the globalization and modernization of the world, the use of social media has taken the crown to be listed amongst the major interests of people these days. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms which is used by almost everyone. Instagram’s audience has no limitations; people of every age are interested in using this social app. No matter if you are a youngster, an adult or an old person, Instagram has the content to keep every one of you engaged. But with this growing interest on the audience’s side, competition has grown too on the other side. What competitors want is a huge number of followers, several likes, limitless comments and multiple comments. For this purpose, some people opt for solutions like Instagram follower bot and use tools such as Instagram Insights to increase their followers and keep a check on their activities. Well, the most commonly asked question related to Instagram is ‘How to increase Instagram followers’? Everyone on Instagram is just so crazy about having a long list of followers. So, today we have come up with the 11 Best tips, along with their detailed descriptions that will help you to get more Instagram followers instantly.

1. Join Instagram engagement groups What is an Instagram engagement groups?

As the name says, an Instagram engagement group is a platform that allows various Instagram users to better engage with each other.
What type of engagement do these groups provide?

• They allow multiple users to like each other’s pictures.
• They also let you comment on each other’s posts.
• They also enable you to view each other’s videos.
• They also permit to view each other’s stories.

Why Instagram engagement group?
These groups help in increasing the range of your audience. And enable you to reach more people. This way, your post can go popular on Instagram, ultimately driving more traffic.

How to look for an Instagram engagement group?
You can look for an Instagram engagement group within Instagram DM groups. You can also join these groups on Telegram or Discord.

How to join an Instagram engagement group?

1. Search for a group in the DM section or on Telegram.
2. Join the group through invite link.
3. Carefully go through the rules of the group.
4. Enter into the round at a particular time.
5. Drop-in your Instagram username.
6. Like posts of other group members
7. Finish the round.

2. Reposting the content of other users What do we mein by reposting the content on Instagram?

Reposting content on Instagram means to copy someone else’s content, edit it according to your requirements and then post it on your profile.
How to repost the content on Instagram?

• Download “Repost for Instagram”

The very first thing that you need to do is to download “Repost for Instagram”. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is directly integrated with Instagram so that it’s easier for you to repost the content on your mobile device.

• Choose the post (photo or video) you want to repost

Now what comes next is to select the post (either a photo or a video) that you want to repost. Go through the Instagram feed of popular Instagram users and choose a picture which has the most likes and comments.

• Copy the URL of the post

Now the next step you have to do is to copy the URL of the post to your clipboard. For copying the post, click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of the post. Choose ‘Copy Share URL’ from the list, and your text is successfully copied.

• Open’ Repost for Instagram’

Now go to ‘repost for Instagram’. You can see the post (that you have copied previously) on the homepage of the app. Now click on the arrow that appears on the right side of the post. This will allow you to edit the post and decide how the repost icon should appear on your Instagram feed. Then click on ‘repost’, and then on ‘Copy to Instagram’. Here you can also choose the filters for editing your post.

• Edit the post’s caption and share your repost

Now click on ‘next’. If you want to write down the original caption of the post, then click on the ‘caption’ field and then click on ‘paste’. There you will see the original caption along with a citation that gives credit to the actual poster of the post under your reposted photo. The final step is to click on ‘share’, and your post is successfully posted.

3. Please ask customers to share their photos Why is it important to ask customers for sharing photos?

A great success strategy that is being used for the past few years giving efficient results is to ask your customers to share the photos of your products and services.

How does this strategy help your profile?
Especially if you are a branding company, and your customers share the photos of your products, then it will give a massive uplift to your branding page. It is because of the sharing of photos by people will make other people believe in your services and products.

Moreover, if your customers will also share photos of your products and services, then their followers will also start taking an interest in your brand. This way, you can generate a passive Instagram follower’s source.

How to persuade customers to share photos?
The biggest question that arises here is that how is it possible to convince your customers to share photos related to your products and services. We have come up with some mind-blowing tips that will actually convince your customers to share the photos.

• Conduct giveaways

You can just ask your customers to share the photos related to your products and services and win giveaways.

• Direct contests

You can also opt for directing contests between your followers. Simply tell them that whoever will share the most pictures will be the winner of the contest and will win a gift.

• Give shoutouts

Ask people to share photos about your products and services, and in return, you will give them shout out. Honestly, every single customer will definitely share the photos this way.

4. A uniform style with recognition value

Another major factor that you must keep in mind during your journey to grow more Instagram followers is the uniformity in your style. Always remember following a specific style code with an element of decency while posting content on your Instagram profile is the sign of professionalism.

How does posting with uniformity help your Instagram profile?
• Your followers will consider your discipline and regularity.
• Moreover, having a particular code of your Instagram profile makes it easier for your fans and followers to recognize your posts.

5. Ignore known hashtag rules Why using hashtags is important?

Hashtags are an important source to bring traffic to your posts. The right use of hashtags helps your post get attention by a larger number of visitors. What you must keep in mind is that using hashtags the wrong way will never help your profile grow.

What are some popular hashtags rules that must be ignored?
These following hashtag rules must not be followed if you really want to grow your Instagram followers.

1. Not using hashtags
2. Not carrying out proper research before using hashtags
3. Using irrelevant hashtags
4. Using only popular and trending hashtags
5. Not considering local hashtags
6. Not trying out new hashtags
7. Using too many hashtags

6. Use your Instagram posts in blog posts

We might have heard various follower growing pitches for Instagram users such as ‘Get 50 likes on Instagram free’. But have you ever heard of something that is more natural and effective for growing your Instagram followers?

If not, then keep reading below to find out what we are talking about. Using your Instagram posts in blogs is a way more effective and genuine strategy than’ getting 50 free Instagram likes’ type of offers for increasing your Instagram followers.

How to add your Instagram post in your blog?
The two main ways to add your Instagram posts in blogs are as follows.

1. Adding photos
You can simply take a photo of your Instagram post and upload it in your blog content. But for that, you have to keep these things in mind.

• Make sure that the text written in the blog is relevant to your photo.
• Use a high-quality photo for grabbing the attention of the visitor.

2. Adding hyperlinks
You can also choose to hyperlink a word or phrase of your blog with your Instagram post. But what you have to remain careful about is that the content must be hyperlinked in a purely natural way to make readers feel more convinced to open the link.

How to add a hyperlink?

1. Copy the link of your post that you want to hyperlink.
• While writing your blog post, add in a phrase that is relevant to your Instagram post.
• Then select the phrase and right-click on it to open a list of options.
• From the list, choose ‘hyperlink’ and paste the copied link.
• Press ‘ok’ and your post has successfully been hyperlinked.

7. Follow the users who follow your competition

When dreaming for a quick Instagram follower increase, another great tactic is to follow the users who are following your competition. For this search for your competitor’s profile, and go to their follower’s section. Then start sending requests to them and add them to your follower’s list.

How is it helpful for you to follow your competitor’s followers?

1. This way you can increase you, followers, as the people you have sent a request to will also follow you back.
2. By posting the best content, you can build the interest of your new followers in your Instagram profile.
3. You can make them lose interest in your competitor’s profile by posting more engaging content. This will ultimately weaken your enemy.

8. Cooperation with influencers: This way you can get more Instagram followers

Cooperating with Instagram influencers is a great option to grow your Instagram followers. Influencers have a huge follower range, so collaborating with them will result in bringing fame to your profile also.

9. Giveaways

Giveaway refers to the act of distributing gifts among your followers. Giveaways help in keeping your followers engaged to your profile. People may also share your posts in their circle that will ultimately result in bringing more audience to your profile.

10. Partneship with other brands

Partner shipping with other brands may sound risky, but on the other side, it is a great practice to grow your Instagram followers.

How does partner shipping with other brands help in growing your followers?
• You can have the attention of their followers too falling in the category of suggested users.
• Partner shipping with other brands will help you to promote your brand on a higher level.
• The range of your audience will increase if you opt for partner shipping with other brands.

11. Use tools for Instagram analysis

There are many Instagram tools that help you keep a check on your Instagram account and its activities. These tools also work as Instagram follower trackers to help you track your follower’s activities. They also facilitate you with knowing your Instagram follower count live.

What are some best tools for Instagram analysis?

• Instagram Insights
• Quintly
• Social bakers
• Union Metrics
• Iconosquare

What are the benefits of using Instagram analytics tools?

1. These tools enable you to calculate how many people have visited your profile.
2. They also help you to determine when are your followers most active.
3. They tell you about the types of posts your followers are most interested in.
4. They help you in developing a better understanding of your audience.
5. They are both time and money-saving.
6. They help you improve your Instagram profile according to the requirements.


These tips are exclusively researched for you to help you get more Instagram followers in less time. But make sure to add original and natural followers only. For your convenience, you may use Instagram follower remover apps to get rid of fake followers. All you need to do is to properly follow these tips and stay regular in their implementation. The more time will you invest in your Instagram profile, the better the results will be.